November 12, 2014

• SAF Bean Feed 11/20
• Officer Announcements
• Kevin’s Job Presentation
Meeting Discussion
Bean Feed
• Next Thursday (11/20) 260 Mulford 5-7pm
• This bean feed is more professional than usual, so dress nicely (snazzy) :)
Officer Announcements
Logging Sports
• Spray painting logs (some chopping if you want practice)
• Email we be sent out for rides
Yule Ball
• Paperwork turned in for the 12th during dead week, waiting to hear back
Christmas Tree Cut
• Starting on the 6th
• If you went to SAF convention, you MUST put in 3hr (min) plus help with the tree cutting
General Announcements
• Picnic Potluck starts at 2pm (instead of 1pm) this SUNDAY (instead of Saturday), at Codornices park
• Cal Fire is coming next week to discuss hiring process, types of jobs they have, emphasis on seasonal positions
• Assumption is that students get work experience summer after junior year (basically, make sure to get some work experience before you graduate)
• Good job market now, any student who goes to forestry camp should be able to get a well-paying job. Most forestry hiring happens in the spring.
• If you want to work for a certain district or forest, go visit them. Personal approach works really well.
• Also if you can’t work this summer, you should totally send in applications just to get practice with interviewing.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014