November 1st, 2017

Meeting notes 11/1/2017



- Announcements 

- Christmas Tree Cut


- SAF Bean Feed

- Tree Chopping Rally

- Foresty Challenge

- Earth Team

- Yule Ball

  • Alegra asks for announcements
  • Andrew – “pay dues” 
  • Kathie – X-Mas tree cut: more info will be sent out soon, but we are doing Christmas tree cut on Dec 2nd (WOOT WOOT), two forms to sign if you’re going, will be sent out shortly along with a google form about attendance.  We will be staying either at an Airbnb or Blodgett.  SPI said there is a possibility of red fir if the roads are clear, so that means there might be snow, might not – more info soon.  The tree selling will be dead week, Dec. 3rd through the 8th.
    • If you’re going to SAF, you need to attend the cut if you can, and work a certain amount of hours selling, and more hours if you can’t cut (specific amounts will be given later), and you should volunteer to sell even if you aren't going to SAF!
  • Ben – SAF!  Business casual is dress code for conference, but also pack for being a normal person for the hotel and evenings in Albuquerque.  Also consider bringing nicer clothes if you plan on interviewing there (Kevin recommends it)!  We’ll probably meet a few hours before the flight, but Ben will send out more info as the event approaches.  Thank you Ben yet again!
  • Alegra – SAF joint bean feed: TONIGHT.  Bean feed at 5 in front of Mulford, then move into Mulford 103 at 6 for SAF meeting.  We have an alcohol permit!! The chili will be BOMB.  Everyone should come, at least just for a bite of chili because it is SO GOOD.  We don't know if there will be a speaker for SAF so we shall see!  It'll still be a blast either way.
  • Tree Chopping Rally!! Nov. 14th.  Are we selling merch? We need to find out how many big game shirts we have left (Giselle/Jack).

 ·      Forestry Challenge: still haven’t heard back in our very lacking email exchange – but it’s coming up soon! We don’t know exactly when, or if we're doing it…


  • Earth Team: Alegra sent out email with info, y'all should respond, she’ll send it again


  • Planting??? We should plant sometime but don’t know yet, running out of time.
  • Jabo (Jacob) is playing with his band tomorrow at funk night at the Starry Plough from 9 to 11!!!  Y’all should go watch him play.  He is an incredible musician.  Also, he is injured due to an unfortunate sequence of events last Thursday night and was unable to come to club, but he is quickly on the mend and says hi to everyone!

       *   Amanda – Yule Ball: because it’s during dead week, lots of campus buildings are closed, or out of our budget.  So, Amanda was looking outside campus and it seems like                     Cornerstone (on Shattuck) has a private area in the back of the bar, where they often hold events, and people under 21 are allowed in.  So that’s an option.  Another one is                     somewhere in I-House or CKC (where CAF banquet was maybe).  Open to ideas! Email/message Amanda if you have other ideas for a venue.

  • Kevin – summer jobs: SPI is hiring now! Due Nov 13th.  Even if you’re not interested in this, get your resume going! In a week or so Cal Fire will be contacting us too. More jobs will be posted on the CA licensed foresters association (and other websites, we will get more info as the season goes on)
  • Lewis – those of you who are competing this weekend should sign forms that Alegra has, thank you!
  • Any more questions? no.  Alegra has midterms so she’s done.  Meeting adjourned
Wednesday, November 1, 2017