November 5th, 2014

• SAF Bean Feed 11/20
• General Announcements
Meeting Discussion
Yule Ball
• Senior Hall manager person says that, yes, yes we CAN rent out Senior Hall *club members applause*
Logging Sports
• Cal Conclave is this Friday- CHECK YO EMAIL if you are going. There’s some important stuff for you to look at
• Rides can be organized to go to Cal Conclave, if you want to check it out (email logging sports).
Bean Feed
• The last bean feed was fun! Thanks for coming 
• The SAF bean feed is scheduled for NOVEMBER 20th 5-7pm. We are in the process of reserving a room in Mulford, details will be updated soon
Tree Cut
• SPI replied to Sophia’s email with the following message (I’m paraphrasing): YO GUYS! It’s starting to snow up here already!! You guys should come on the weekend of the 29th instead of December 5-6th!
SO, what shall we do? (When should we have the tree cut?)
• On Nov 29th? Nooope… (there was a vote and like 2 people raised their hands)
• December 5-6th is definitely preferred, but are we going to risk getting caught in a BLIZZARD??? I don’t know. Kevin suggests shortening it to an one-day event, so more people can make it.
• To those who went to SAF, but are not going to the tree cut: You must sell, sell, sell, sell merchandise (yes.) to make up for it.
• POTLUCK next Saturday 1pm, CODORNICES PARK
• There will be Frisbee.
• Kevin will be giving a talk next Wednesday (12- 1pm, Hilgard 112) about what the next few months are going to be like for forestry- related jobs. Super important stuff, you neeed to come.
Random note that I don’t know where to put:
• Keith Gillis wants us to be a registered student organization