October 11th, 2017

  • T-shirts - merch

    • Not ordering any more centennial gear ever

      • That was like so 3 years ago

    • Should we order more big game shirts?

    • Shirt with Joe McBride shirt design?

  • Bearclave pics?

    • Julia made a folder, please add to it!

  • CAF

    • Can we venmo money for the banquet?

      • Yes: @alegra-garcia

    • $10

  • Bean Feed

    • Next Wednesday!!!

    • Get excited!!!

    • Cooking party on Thursday at Thorsen

      • “Cookie party”?

  • Let’s have a forestry club cookie party?

    • Cookie decorating meeting in december.

  • You can see all the merch designs on the website!

  • Camping in a week and a half!!!  Come camping!!

    • There’s a form that was emailed out to the listserve

    • Use this in order to figure out gear and rides and such!

    • Only camping on Saturday night because of the CAF banquet as the CAF banquet is that Friday

  • CAF banquet

    • 10/20 - pay alegra

    • Lecture at four - open to all

    • Dinner costs $10

Wednesday, October 11, 2017