October 22nd 2014

“I don’t know where everyone is… it’s probably the midterm season...”- Leila
• Next Bean Feed?
• Officer Announcements
Meeting Discussion
Bean Feed
Next Bean Feed: Thursday 10/30 GET YOUR COSTUMES READY (if you so desire, not mandatory)
SAF Bean Feed Thursday 11/20 or Tuesday 11/18 WHICH ONE? (We are still in the process of reserving a room and will let you know soon!)
Leila is making cornbread 
Officer Announcements
Logging Sports
Logging Sports this Sunday starting at 10am. ABC 7 news coming and there will be a barbeque as well! Everyone is welcome and rides will be organized through email. THE WHOLE CLUB SHOULD BE THERE. Represent. “Strongly encouraged participation.”
Yule Ball
Yule Ball document with list serve and possible locations will be sent out. Preview: Botanical gardens (super expensive and transportation will be an issue), rent rooms at international house (club cannot bring its own alcohol), alumni house, faculty club (only a single room because anything more will be too expensive… ie. Howard room is 250 dollars)
General Announcements
A Daily Cal reporter is interested in doing a feature about the forestry program, and she’s coming this Sunday to logging sports practice to take photos. ABC 7 is also coming! And there will be a barbeque with free food (see email)!! Everyone come out!
Also, Leila will keep us updated on the Daily Cal article.