October 29, 2014

• BEAN FEED! Tomorrow! 10/30 from 5- 7pm (With a costume contest!)
• General Announcements

12:12pm the meeting is called to order. Leila has no new announcements. Club members are skeptical about whether the Daily Cal reporter is coming to take photos during the meeting (update: the reporter did indeed show up).

Meeting Discussion
Bean Feed
• There will be a cooking party at Kingman today. Harrison will be baking brownies, and can someone bring ice?
• We need a room for SAF Bean Feed, scheduled on November 20th (tentative location: 132 Mulford)
Christmas Tree Cut
• When shall we have it? Blodgett is reserved for the 5th! Tree Cut Dec 5th-6th!! Friends are welcome, just let Sophia know how many people you are bringing!
• If you feel comfortable driving a U-haul, let Sophia know!!
• Nov 15th forestry picnic at Codornices park! More details to come!
• “There’s a couple website pages that look like shit” and we need help improving them
• Yuleball page needs to be updated, Sophia has volunteered
• Bean Feed, we need pictures!
• Welcome BBQ
• Christmas Sale Webpage needs updating, Leila has volunteered
• Redwood planting… also, are we doing red fir planting at Blodgett? We can plant them now are harvest them for a Christmas tree sale in the future
Logging Sports
• See Cal Conclave email!
Yule Ball
• We are in the process of finding a room. How about the top of Campbell hall? If anyone has any ideas about rooms email yule ball coordinators!
General Announcements
• Tree Chopping Rally: Tuesday, 11/18 12pm on Sproul
• NEW Food Systems Minor available next Fall! Info session in 132 Mulford, 7pm TONIGHT
• Exercise your civic duties and VOTE!