October 4th, 2017


  • Announcements
  • Beans
  • Bearclave
  • CAF
  • Questions?

Topic 1 Announcements

  • VP – none
  • Treasurer- Pay dues
  • Secretary- nothing because he wasn’t there
  • CRSSO had a strawberry creek clean-up it was at 4 it is over now.
  • There is a project happening over winter break from December 27th -Jan 7th in Ecuador about sustainable agriculture. I will send out more information on that when I get it.
  • Amanda would like help getting Dendro samples for Bearclave
  • Kathie can’t judge dendrology because she is competing in it

Topic 2 Beans

  • We are having a joint Bean Feed with SAF on November 1st good chance to make connections with people working in the field
  • We decided to have a bean feed on October 18th which is 2 weeks from now.

Jacob finally walks in


Topic 2.5 SAF

  • In the spring SAF is having a event at Russell and they need our help getting it set up and running it. There will probably be a workday in January. More information will be provided at a later date

Jacob gets a phone call and leaves



  • It’s this weekend. We’ll be camping at Russell on Friday night and Saturday night. The competition is on Saturday it starts at 7. If you’ve signed up to volunteer you are awesome if you want to come up just to watch the competition that is also fine.

Jacob walks back in, sits down, then gets another phone call and walks out again


Topic 4 CAF

  • The CAF banquet is October 20th at the Krutch Theatre at Clark Kerr.
  • The lecture is about wood being the building material of the 21st century and it starts at 4 everyone is welcome to attend that.
  • At 6:30 there is a banquet it cost $10 for students to go and you can give the $10 to Alegra and she’ll put your name on the list.

Jacob Returns


Topic 5 Questions Comments Concerns and Apparently Ideas

  • Camping trip is same weekend as CAF might just leave Saturday morning but it is also homecoming weekend so it is busy.
  • Forestry Club Calendar? Sell with Christmas tree cut?
  • I will try to get someone from urban forestry to come talk to us during a meeting.
  • Also try to get a talk from some female foresters.
  • We discussed the idea of trying to have someone come in to talk about the diversity of jobs you can go into with a forestry degree.
  • End of semester there will be a lot of jobs
  • Katie wanted the song of the week to be Burnin’ Up by the Jonas Brothers and Kathie wanted This is Me from Camp Rock so I gave a Jonas Brothers song from Camp Rock and now no one is happy with the song choice. Approximately zero people including me but I chose it anyway.

Meeting ends

Wednesday, October 4, 2017