September 24th, 2014


  • Bean Feed
  • SAF
  • Christmas Tree Cut 
  • Officer Announcements

Meeting Discussion

Bean Feed 

5-7pm Thursday, September 25 {Mulford Lawn}

Please bring your own bowl and spoon! And friends with money! Also, we need people to help out with bean cooking tonight at Kingman- 8pm and with setting up the day of at 4:30pm 


  • Coming up in 2 weeks!!
  • Sign up to compete in the quiz bowl! (Maddy will send out the link for sign up)
  • Wondering what to wear? Leila will send out a PowerPoint on the proper attire
  • Also, boarding is arranged, so send your roommate requests to Hannah or Maddy

Christmas Tree Cut

  • Any ideas on when is the best weekend to have the cut? So far, we have the weekend of November 21st- 23rd, the weekend of the 30th, and December 5th- 7th
  • If you are going to SAF, it’s expected that you attend the tree cut (funding from the cut goes to paying for SAF)
  • Should we stay overnight for the cut or just have a long day?
  • Sophia will start to communicate with SPI and decide on a weekend. Everyone think about the dates in the meantime. 

Logging Sports

  • Practice will be at Russell this Sunday. Email will be sent out for rides. Potential to camp overnight Saturday and practice Sunday
  • ABC news wants to do story on logging (focus is on young people and logging techniques)

Important Announcements 

  • Send the photos you took at Centennial to Claudia (she will send out a link)
  • Professional chapter of forestry needs photos for twitter! Email will be sent out