April 11, 2018

Alright Clubbers I've got to be honest, I'm really running low on ideas regarding how to berate you for nonattendance.  So congratulations.  


Today, we discovered who the truly faithful are.  

  • Elena isn’t here, that’s no surprise

  • But even Hunter, normally so dependable, has failed us.  



  • Logging sports got a check

  • We have a special guest, David Bakke, the SAF Bay Area Chair


  • Timber - do your stuff

  • Submit headshots with major, name, camp year, ect

  • I know you all saw her email since you’re such dedicated email readers


  • Bean feed tuesday 17th

  • Alcohol

  • 5-6

  • We need a lot of cooks and help cause this is an important one

  • Up to 30 randos from FC 18!

  • Signup sheet coming soon


  • We need an alcohol permit for BBQ


  • Thesis symposium saturday

  • Sessions 2 and 3, the forestry related stuff, at midday ish

  • Mulford, 11-4:30

  • Maybe you all will come out and support forestry for once


  • Connor Williams

  • Is coming to talk to us about the Foresters’ Co-op

  • Next week

  • Will you come?

    • Gee i wonder

Heated Debates

  • We need tablers

  • Monday the 16th

  • The aim is to depoliticize climate change

  • Ben will table from 5-8, kathie from 5-6

  • And no one else signed up!  Good job club

  • It’s on Sproul and in the ballroom from 3-9

David Bakke and the Russel Tour

  • Stop 1: christmas trees, intro, cows

  • Stop 2: moon tree.  Seeds went to circle the moon on Apollo 14.

    • I would not expect you kids to remember apollo 14

    • This tree is a descendant of those moon seeds

  • Stop 3: old stock pond

    • Important habitat

    • Red legged frogs

    • Kathie suggests connecting this to Bay area water sources

  • Stop 4: common garden

    • Genetics

    • Redwood research

    • Do you all know what a common garden is?  Too bad I’m not gonna tell you. Shoulda come to meeting

  • Stop 5: Redwood clone bank

    • Sprouting

    • Management

    • UCB has a class that works on this

  • Stop 6: Tree planting area

    • Remember Hill planting?  It’s that

    • Disturbance ect

    • We could even talk about how successful Tightwad hill was!

  • Stop 7: other side of the common garden

    • Thinning, silviculture, density

  • Stop 8: PG&E clearing

    • Urban wood waste, growth patterns

    • Count all the tree rings

    • Offer the kids candy

    • Cleared for gaslines

  • Stop 9: road

    • It’s a road

    • Natives and nonnatives

  • Tree ID course

    • Looking set up, supposedly

    • Along the trail

  • Julia says - talk about the neighbors?

    • Good idea

  • Spencer says

    • They hate chainsaws because their expensive parties are ruined by noise pollution

    • Too bad

  • Logging sports demo

    • We’ll have them

Cal Day

  • We need to sign up soon for tabling spots

Tree of the Week

  • Narra tree

  • Philippine national tree

  • Native to SE asia

  • Looks cool, purple heartwood, rose scent

  • Flower is good for honey, leaves for shampoo, you can eat them

  • Permit required to cut them down so don’t get any ideas

Next meeting

  • It’s a big one, I expect everyone to be in attendance

  • The inner circle has been constantly here but we need everyone, for real.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018