April 18, 2018

Minutes April 18,2018

After Ben's attendance drive over the past few days, I'm pleased to announce that attendance was boosted almost 0% this meeting! Congratulations, I knew we could do it.


  • Airbears is garbage

  • Rings are here



  • Thank you cooks, bean making is hard work


  • Pay dues

  • We’ve got money but we need more

Cal day

  • We need you to participate

  • We are boring our guest so let’s make it quick

  • Split up and discuss…


  • Seedlings - put them in bags?

  • Someone needs to set up and clean up, it’ll be those who are scheduled earliest and latest in the day

  • Jodi: dog panniers + seedlings = success?

  • We still need to fill 12-1 at CNR.  Hunter will be nearby, maybe he can cover

  • Don’t take all the decor to sproul, CNR tablers need some too

  • For tablers: the key to the closet will be in a secret undisclosed location, if you need it ask someone who came to meeting

Tree tours

  • 25+ trees!!

  • It goes around the Chancellor’s house, faculty glade, moffitt, campanile, the creek, b arrows, VLSB, mulford, in that order ish

  • The public will sign up for the tours at the tables so we get an idea of how many people there are

  • 12pm, 2pm

  • Meet in front of mulford

Work day

  • 8 am

  • Tours at an unknown time

  • 2 logging sports demos, which might go well

Stump the forester

  • Dress like foresters

  • Do not bring axes to the public

  • If you see a stump, acquire it

Guest - Connor, from Forestry Coop

  • Not a real coop

  • FC14

  • Once hosted a decal called treecal

Forestry Co op

  • Grass Valley CA

  • Consulting

  • A variety of clients, including government, utilities, and small owners


  • Who needs them

  • You do

  • Forestry co op is hiring

    • Seasonal tech at $20/hr (wow!)

    • Plus you’ll probably get a full time job after

    • Also hiring a utility forester, for anyone who is a certified arborist

  • Contact info: connor@forco-op.com

  • Ben has a flier he will send out

Julia - Timber

  • Send in your headshots or photos

  • Nominations for superlatives are due tonight

  • Submit your articles before the end of dead week

Julia - Badass female foresters

  • Anyone know any?

  • Not from cal though, already got those

Logging sports

  • Last practice sunday


  • Those of you who make forestry a more diverse field, she wants to hear from you. This is important.

  • Reply to her email

Next week

  • Final meeting

  • There will be pizza

  • If you show up to this one just because there’s pizza, I’ll probably explode.  So no unfaithful freeloaders slinking in. I know everyone who comes to the meetings, don't think you can trick me you hooligans.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018