April 4th, 2018

Minutes - April 3, 2018


Now listen clubbers,


I remember when I was young. Just like you, I frolicked around, blew off my responsibilities, and skipped club meetings. You think you're invincible eh?


I know that you kids will one day calm down just like I did, and come to realize that when the old arthritis kicks in or you break your knee swing dancing, there is no greater pleasure than Forestry Club meetings right in the middle of your Wednesday. So until the inexorable winds of time wear you down, run around and be merry, for none can escape their fate.



Spring Break

  • There were $2 lemonade vodkas at Applebee’s

  • ADUBS happened and you missed it


  • No announcements

  • Except the following 800 items


  • We need to have a “Welcome new campers!” beanfeed for FC 14!

  • Orientation for forestry camps is tuesday the 17th from 4-5

  • Bean feed is at 5 on the same day


  • 5am breakfast club

  • Sunday before RRR

  • Breakfast

  • The goal is the fill the entire Black Bear Diner in Emeryville

  • April 29th

  • Tex will be there


  • Lewis got 1st in traverse

  • Logging sports practice sunday

Tabling signups

  • They’re happening, we need to get a spot somehow

  • We want to be on sproul and CNR


  • Who has a grill?

  • Katie knows a guy


  • Pint glasses, denims, and hats are here

  • Buy them if you know what’s good for you

Jodi in absentia

  • Rings arrived

  • Traditionally, the advisor gives them out at the BBQ

  • Also Jodi is gone next week

Heated debates

  • Saumitra

  • Depoliticize climate change

  • Wes is out

  • April 16th, a monday

  • There will be real life conservatives

  • Same day as the cooking party

    • It’s gonna be a tough choice between cooking with your friends and arguing about climate change with dummies, I know


At this point i’ve spilled mango juice on my notes so the meeting gets a little hazy from here on




Vote: Is wes a “shreinous clown” or delightful rogue?

  • If you have any input on this matter, please email me so I can tally your vote



  • We got some money from SAF


  • Superb is showing a movie Saturday at 7pm

  • UA Theater 7

Next saturday

  • Thesis symposium for the nerds

New Faces

  • Rachel, who was bitten by a shark

    • Not actually a new face, she’s been here many times

    • Which is actually better than most of you ever do so congratulations Rachel

  • Katie

    • S&E major considering a double in forestry

    • And she still comes to club meetings you bums

    • She has also been here several times so this whole new faces thing is kind of a lie

Tree of the Week

  • New Katie explains the

  • Baobab

  • Africa

  • Lemurs love it

  • Some other illegible stuff


  • Unrelatedly, the club argues over the US national tree and decides that it is the oak

  • Boring

  • Maryland’s state drink is milk

  • Don’t say you never learned anything here

Wednesday, April 4, 2018