February 14th, 2018

There's nothing I love more than writing up every little detail - even the most tiny and trivial - of forestry club happenings, which is why I'm doing it on Valentine's Day, a very important holiday.


  • UCCE concert is over, it was a success

  • Thank you to all like 5 people who helped plant on Tuesday.  Club spirit has never been higher

Scott Stevens - Xi Sigma Pi

  • A forestry honor society

  • It’s been here since the twenties

  • All you have to have to join is junior/senior standing, a 3.0, and be a forestry major in the professional track

  • Get a wooden axe from scott and get 10 signatures of xi sigma pi members on it

  • That must be complete by March 10

Maddy Green - Mendocino Redwood Company

  • They need summer techs

  • In Ukiah and Fort Bragg

  • Also, if you’re graduating, maybe they have permanent jobs?

  • What do they do?

    • Restore a lot of land that has been clearcut

    • They use herbicide?? for tanoaks

    • This apparently causes “tension

    • Although I don’t see what’s controversial about flinging pure poison around what few ecosystems remain on this planet, really.

  • What will you do?

    • THPs

    • Marking, flagging, admin, not cruising

    • You’ll learn a lot

    • Conditions are rugged, but at least it “builds character”

    • Also rent is high

      • NVM, Maddy has never seen berkeley rents

    • You get a truck to drive around

    • There's some company housing

      • Great for if you’re into the idea of your employer controlling your entire life like it's 1880

  • Interviews are this afternoon, so if you’re reading this, it's probably too late.  

    • But you can send in your resume or email maddy


  • Pay dues to camila via venmo @Camila-Quintana

  • She will “like” the payment.  If not, you should let her know


  • Do we want two different sticker sizes?  

    • Yes we do

  • The bean feed is at 5 pm today

    • Cancel all your plans and come, if by some miracle you had any

  • The beans will be warm

Alegra pt 2

  • Planting is 12:30-3:30 tomorrow

  • Meet at foothill parking lot to walk up to the cannon platform


Logging sports (Alegra pt 3)

  • SCLC is done

  • Good job entire team

    • But Alegra won both ax events

    • And Molly (?) placed in stock saw

  • Practice is monday this week, time TBA

  • There will be single bagel for Kathie only

  • Redwood regional is in one month, on Fri-sat


  • If you’ve got pictures, send them to Andrew or Katie, they’ll post them on all the socials

  • But remember that the internet never forgets


  • Axelson and Battles labs are hiring


  • App is open, so apply you young folk


  • There’s a blank wall around, she’s trying to get us permission to put stuff on it


  • There’s a show on friday

  • The Motet is playing, and Lettuce is opening for them.  

  • It’s highly funky music

  • Your neck will hurt

  • Its $30 or $40 online


  • How to get it to a charity?  We don’t know


Cal Day

  • April 21st

  • Tree tours

    • They’re outdated, someone fix them

    • We need tour guides

  • We need people to table

  • Andrew suggests making a video

    • Jac has video experience

  • We will publicize both the club and major

  • Restock merch?

  • Maybe we’ll have a wheel

  • Jodi has acquired the seedlings - Sugar pine, sequoia, and another one

  • Can we do a logging sports demo?

  • Conflict:  SAF day in the woods is the same day, so many people will be at Russell instead of Cal Day

    • Gotta make brochures

    • Logging sports will all be there

  • Hunter and Julia will revamp the tree walk

  • “Stump the forester”

    • Having the public interact with foresters can be a good way of communicating what forestry is about

    • It will be an intense competition to determine who the supreme forester really is

Tree of the Week

  • Kathie is substituted for Amanda

  • She discusses the love of her life, Jeffrey Pine

  • Bluer foliage than ponderosa, also not pokey, larger cones

  • “Gentle jeffrey”

  • Often on serpentine soil, and drought resistant

  • The resin once caused explosions in resin distilling operations because workers were unaware that Jeffrey is not the same as ponderosa.  

Thursday, February 15, 2018