February 21, 2018

Oh hey clubber, I didn't see you there, haha!

Oh wait a minute. That's because you weren't there


Midterms have got everyone down, so I guess that means you all think there's an excuse for attendance to go down too.

Jack has an O Chem midterm in less than 24 hours. I have two midterms in less than 48 hours. Yet, Jack was there, I was there, even a surprise guest was there, and you, my dear lovely "clubber", were not.


Think on your sins.




February 21, 2018


  • No one can think of anything, so let’s take a less structured approach to club

  • Ben broke his knee, wish him well or just laugh

Officer Announcements


  • suggests a club member or faculty member spotlight on the FB page


  • Pay your dues

  • You’ll be on the website, and feel special and amazing


  • Is there interest in club pint glasses?

    • There is

  • Ben suggests shot glasses


*** WES *** was so kind as to grace today’s meeting with his presence, can you believe it



  • We’ve got a lot of big game shirts from last year

  • Centennial stuff in weird sizes

  • Bottle openers

  • Stickers are coming

  • Hats are coming

  • Denims remain in larger sizes

  • Merch makes great gifts I guess, if your family or significant other is into forestry as much as you pretend to be


  • Bean feed coordinator has a conflict with wednesdays

  • Can we move to tuesday/thursday?

    • Reaction is mixed, a poll may be sent out

Logging sports

  • Practice might be on sunday

  • Stay tuned in to your email boxes

Member announcements


  • Has donuts for amanda and Jackie’s birthday

  • Happy birthday to you

  • Outside event: Berkeley Women in Business (?) are having a panel discussion with sustainable business leaders.  Cliff bars might be there

    • 648 Evans

    • 6:30-8:00 pm

    • Feb 27


  • Earth Team is having a tree planting

  • Sat March 3

  • Wanlass park, San Pablo


  • SAF shared our news article

  • But only so their members could mock us

  • This slight will not go unpunished

  • Hunter suggests starting a comment war


  • The show was great, too bad you all missed it


  • Anthropology Undergraduate Association (?)

  • Is having an outing to the Thai Temple

  • There will be good food, including sticky rice



  • Juniors and seniors get your axes to scott for Xi Sigma Pi

Pro-track foresters

  • Seniors who are SAF members and are doing the professional track get a ring

    • It’s pretty

    • Go to a jeweler and figure out your ring size

    • Or ask the internet


  • Camp TA app closes march 3

Tree of the Week

  • Bunya Pine

  • From Queensland Australia

  • 150 ft tall

  • Tubers grow from the seeds after germination, and sit around in the ground for years, maybe

  • The tree then grows from that

  • The cones are gigantic, weighing 40 lbs

  • Bunya pine exhibit extreme apical dominance

  • They aren’t real pines

  • The wood has good acoustic qualities and the seeds can be eaten

  • The tree is important in Aboriginal culture

  • The leaves are isosceles triangles

    • Remember that an isosceles has two equal sides, b, and an unequal one, a

    • Of course, the height is found using h= sqrt(b^2 - ¼(a^2))

    • And therefore area is ½(a^2)*sqrt(b^2/a^2 - ¼)

    • Now naturally the inradius should be r= (a(sqrt(a^2 + 4h^2 - a)/4h)

    • So as everyone can guess by now, the geometric centroid is ȳ = <y>/A = 1/3 h

      • **I assumed that you would all know the simple calculation for the mean of y, but for you laggards out there it is  = <y> = int (-a/2)^a/2 ((int (0)^1 - abs[x]/(a/2)) (y^2)(d^2)x)

    • Hunter found isosceles triangles confusing, but as you can see they’re very simple.  

Wednesday, February 21, 2018