February 28, 2018

Attendance at our pizza party Timber writing meeting was excellent. I'm certainly glad my menacing emails are working. I briefly entertained the thought that perhaps you had only come for the free pizza, but of course you clubbers would never be so base, right?














Tree of the Week


    • We spent 430 dollars on pint glasses

    • How much they will cost is unknown

    • Thanks for paying dues

    • Brought snacks

    • Thorsen party 90% forecasted in 2 weeks

    • Redwood regional in two weeks

    • Friday evening, leaving at 7:00 pm

    • Plumas job openings

    • Sasha will email about it, or you can just talk to her like the cave people once did

    • Wants to go camping with all you lovely clubbers

    • Does April 13th weekend work?

      • Maybe, this will be figured out later

      • Note that friday the 13th is, of course, unlucky, so your chances of returning from this trip are lower than usual

    • Going down south to camp over spring break.  

    • He’s got some space if you want to go

    • We’re gonna have another bean feed

    • 20th or 22nd?  Reaction is mixed

    • Ben

    • Redwood - sequoia sempervirens

    • They’re tall, the tallest is statue of liberty sized

    • The Humboldt ones are the biggest and best

      • So majestic

    • They’ve got huge branches

    • So huge, that they can have their own soil ecosystems due to all the detritus that gathers on them

    • Some beetle species have speciated after climbing up

      • Because they’re too dumb to climb back down

      • So species can be endemic to a single tree

    • Albino redwoods are white sprouts which grow from the base of parent trees

      • They just suck up resources from the parent but can’t photosynthesize

    • If you climb all the way up a redwood, there’s a nice flat spot on the upper foliage that you could sit in.  

      • Ben personally recommends you try scaling these 400 ft trees to see for yourself, preferably without safety equipment so you get as close to nature as possible

    • Contains thoughts as feelings

    • Julia is the editor, which does not mean she should write everything.  Instead, YOU should be writing everything.  Yes you

    • Who has ideas?

      • We need a cover

    • Superlatives

      • Naked cruising, most likely to be overserved, ect

    • Animals

    • Welcome Jodie

    • UCCE

    • All kinds of stuff

    • If you have any ideas just write them, Timber is a collaborative effort

Wednesday, February 28, 2018