January 31st, 2018 Minutes

Minutes - January 31, 2015


Even in the depths of a terrible cold, your faithful secretary still delivers top notch minutes right to your digital doorstep.  



  • Ugh
  • Some highlights
    • Ben self-induces sneezing
    • Julia mercilessly absorbed her twin
    • Jodi can tell you what time it is
    • Broken bones and sharkbites (from living and dead sharks) were popular topics
    • Giselle has “weird cartilage”

Officer Announcements


  • Julia reminds us that anyone can submit anything to Timber.
  • The Forestry google drive now has a folder where you can upload content.
  • All club members should submit a headshot

Bean Feeds

  • Bean feeds involve eating beans
  • Feb 14th, Valentines Day, will be the next bean feed.


  • Pay your dues
  • $5 to Camila, in the form of cash or venmo @Camila-Quintana

Moving into the 21st century

  • Forestry Club now has a twitter, instagram, and official facebook group
  • If you are okay with Zuckerberg worming into your brain, go check them out and spread the word!
  • Official updates will be published on these platforms, as well as traditional outlets
  • Credit to Katie for the Forestry Club Modernization Project.


  • Tightwad hill planting is occurring on Feb 13th and 15th, from 12:30-3.  
  • Show up whenever and help as long as you can (if you are a weakling).  The truly dedicated will stay the whole time

SAF Workday

  • Thank you to all those who helped out
  • Next up at Russell: SAF Public Day in the Woods (?) is happening April 21.
  • That’s a busy weekend, so get prepared

Logging Sports

  • Competition Feb 8.
  • Wish them luck, they’ll need it
  • Practice this Sunday, attendance is mandatory for competitors

Benefit Concert

  • Julia suggests supporting the Redwood Credit Union; there is broad agreement, this organization will be the recipient of the concert proceeds
  • Venue: Hearst Annex A1
  • Time: 6pm-7:30pm Feb 10
  • Tickets are $7 (student) or $10 at the door, and only $5 (student) or $8 if purchased online
  • Many different groups are singing, they all sound great.  The songs will be love related, to get you in the mood for Feb 14th, which is of course the BEAN FEED
  • Andrew may table outside Mulford, and may need your help!
  • Ben suggests attaching Forestry or CNR’s name to the concert and custom designing posters to boost interest in the concert amongst science types.


  • Jobs are a big thing in the Spring, except for this spring, in which they are medium.

Cal Fire

  • They are coming to interview Thursday next week.
  • If you don’t have an interview already it's too late

Mendocino Redwood Company

  • They grow redwoods
  • They will be coming in two weeks to pitch in club, and interview the following day
  • Kathie seems to be excited about this, so maybe ask her

Labs/School related

  • Stevens Lab apps are due on Feb 2.  Better hurry
  • You could be a camp TA, and get to know wonderful FC 18 people such as the illustrious Spencer, or the illustrious me.
  • Jodi’s lab is hiring
  • Battles lab is hiring

Ideas for the Semester

  • What should we talk about in meetings?  As says Ben, club is at its best when member participation is high
  • A Tree a Week
    • Peer to peer sharing of miscellaneous tree knowledge
    • Possibly, a google doc signup will be passed around, keep a lookout
  • Elizabeth suggests overnight camping somewhere.
    • That could be fun
    • Maybe the fabled HumBerk trip will finally happen
    • The weather will be way too hot for the next three weeks so the time is right for camping
  • Kathie asks - Who wants to lift weights?
    • It’s judgement free
    • Sounds miserable, but you better stay in shape if you want those jobs
  • Wes and Jacob run at the Clark Kerr track, it's very embarrassing, so go join in.
  • Julia mentions that local hiking trips are a possibility, if someone will facilitate.

The Listserve

  • It’s broken?
  • Whenever it’s unbroken, new people will be added
  • Next meeting, those not on it should tell Ben. 
Wednesday, January 31, 2018