March 14, 2018

Minutes - March 14, 2018

Hello Clubbers,
Before we begin, I would just like address the fact that some club members have approached me and claimed that my notes are somehow "amusing".  Let me be clear that these are intended to be the pure recordings of club happenings, unadulterated by my authorial voice, to give the many, many, many club members who don't actually show up a means up keeping up with what is happening.  The notes are in no way intended to entertain you, and I will be carefully proofreading my work in the future so that nothing resembling a joke will ever appear within their pages again.  This is a space for PURE BUSINESS, and I am working my hardest to make these the most sterile and uninteresting notes that you ever will read.   
Thank you
PS.  I apologize for sending these notes out two days late, the 134 midterm truly is the gift that keeps on giving.  Although, since most of you NEVER EVEN COME, I think I still have the moral high ground.  

The club would like to thank Katie for her unwavering leadership and dedication during the trying times of Ben’s absence.


Welcome back Ben




  • Bean feed next thursday, the 22nd, at 4:30


  • Seniors graduating in the professional track: ring sizes are needed by next meeting, so do it


  • Logging sports - sign up for a ride spencer

  • Forestry club caps are here, talk to lewis about them

  • Glasses and denims are on the way

Camila’s ghost

  • Pay dues

  • Boo!


  • Forestry seminars are 12-1 on mondays, they’re very interesting, and you ought to go take a listen


  • Should we publicize more?

    • Ben: I dunno


  • Happy pi day


Cal Day Signups

  • It's time to commit

  • Your lack of attendance clues me in to a certain fear of commitment amongst you clubbers, but I promise it isn't as scary as it seems!


  • Lewis, hunter, katie, jodi, monze, sarah, alex, layla, andrew

  • 2 or 3 people on 2 hr shifts

Stump the forester

  • Hunter, ben

    • So it should be easy

  • 1 or 2 people

SAF Workday

  • Kathie, Amanda, Alegra, Rachel (a new face you don’t know because you never come to club, but she’s nice alright), Camila, Wes, Ross

    • That’s right, even I’m going to do something, so you all better be signed up for something come cal day

Tree Tours

  • A 1 hr tour

  • 2 or 3 or 4 people

  • Revision of the tree list is ongoing

  • Spencer, hunter, bryce, andrew, layla, alex are interested


  • Jodi is getting them all the way from placerville, 10,000 miles from here, from the RCD

  • On friday

  • Hunter is interested in helping

  • Anyone else?

Half an orange

  • At this point in the meeting, Spencer interrupts to give kathie half of an orange

  • Now that Kathie is scurvy free, we can resume



  • Because 2 whole people came to this meeting, we need more volunteers.  If any of our members out there would like to volunteer to do Cal Day Stuff, email me, or Ben, or katie or even camila, or jodi, or talk to one of those people

  • DO IT

  • If you don’t, I’ll find you

Locations decisions

  • Ben Suggests: tabling at CNR, while doing stump the forester at Sproul

  • How crowded is CNR?

    • Not so bad

  • Julia: people around CNR are more interested in nature stuff, but there are fewer of them, so its a tradeoff

    • PS: the key to handing out seedlings is to give them to kids before their parents can say no


Tree o the “wizzle” - Amanda

  • Amanda draws an exceptionally detailed and lovely apple to celebrate pi day

    • Too bad you weren’t there to see her talent

  • Yellow apples are probably her favorite, but she doesn’t like red apples

  • The club generally agrees that Red Delicious are gross

    • Personally, I think red delicious are the best apples, for real.  They’re not as cloying as fuji and gala, everyone’s favorites for some reason.  

    • And here’s a fun fact: I have all the record keeping power

    • So at this point I’m pretty sure that every club member carefully reconsidered their decision and decided that RED DELICIOUS truly is the best apple variety

    • Yeah that’s how I remember it for sure.

  • At this point amanda pulls a 180 and announces that the apples thing was a non sequitur and the tree of the week is actually Coast Live Oak

    • Watch out for their deadly branches

    • They have pokey leaves too

    • They can be found all over California

  • Spencer: has a friend with an apple tree that has 4 different apple varieties growing on it

    • So I guess we’re back to the apples thing

  • Julia: Also, did you know, seeds from apples, when planted, will not produce a tree of the same variety as the apple that you ate to get the seeds?

    • What

  • Hunter: you can die if you eat 4000000000 apple seeds

  • Coast live oaks vs interior live oaks

    • Cupped leaves of CLO will crack when flattened, while interior leaves will bend

    • But interbreeding is rife so who really knows



Wednesday, March 14, 2018