March 21, 2018

is a club really a club if no one shows up to its meetings?


Ring sizes

  • Seniors get your forms to Jodi by friday, as all the rings will be shipped to her


  • Stickers are here

  • $3 for small ones, $4 for big ones

Cal day sign ups

  • Ben: SAF wants those Russell tours

  • Alegra has a list of stops somewhere

    • She’ll make a brochure

  • Ben: what are we doing for logging sports demos?

    • A single demo?  Multiple demos?

    • We’ll figure it out


Alex: March For Our Lives

  • There’s a pre-march at Lake Merritt at 10am saturday

  • And a real march at the Civic Center in SF at 1 pm


  • 150th birthday of our illustrious institution is fast approaching

  • There will be a procession or something


  • We need a forestry PAL

  • You don’t have to be an upperclassman to do it

  • It’s very “rewarding”

Redwood regional - Lewis

  • It was a great success

  • Everyone chopped

  • We won a relay

  • ADUBS at Calpoly is over spring break

    • If you’re down south, you should go support the team


  • Write for timber

  • We’re running out of time


  • There is a super secret forestry contingency fund controlled by Forestry alumni who sell Timber

  • The alumni love Timber

  • Maybe we can use this money for something

Cal Day part 2

  • Start preparing those with jobs

  • New tree list is in development

  • Our tabling authority will not respond so we’ll have to take matters into our own hands

Senior BBQ

  • CNR graduation is from 7-9 graduation weekend

  • This is inconvenient

  • So we’ll have an afternoon BBQ

  • Ideas

    • Cornbread

    • “Luxury bean feed”

    • Quality sausages”

    • Salads, fruits, but not fruit salads

      • Amanda is very particular

  • We need ten billion permits or something

  • We also need a survey to see how many people are coming

  • Also the seniors will get Arrogant Bastard Ale

    • It’s a nasty IPA

Spring Break

  • Anyone have plans?

    • Crying

    • ADUBS


  • Still, no word on the camping


  • $355 needed for the  stoles

  • Good price really

Tree of the Week

  • Spencer - dawn redwood

  • It was thought extinct prior to 1943, when 3 specimens were found in China

  • Now they are everywhere around these parts

  • They look like bald cypress, but the needle pattern is different

Wednesday, March 21, 2018