March 7th, 2018

Hey Clubbers,

So like -3 (yeah, -3) people showed up to meeting, which is not the best attendance we've ever had.  Clearly, loyalty is something we need to work on.  Fortunately, Ben Ross has succumbed to his injuries and a new, stronger leader has seized power.  May Katie lead Forestry Club to greatness.  I strongly suggest you all come to next meeting, or she will find you.
Special shout-out to Tara Harmon, who made a special appearance at this meeting even when the lesser weaklings of club failed.  
There I was sitting in the 134 midterm, when whaddya know the fire alarm goes off.  So I did this murderous exam out on the lawn next to Mulford.  Now,  I promise I'm not mad but who did it.  I want names.  


After the meeting ended, some guy came in wanting to talk to us, but he was too late.  Camila talked to him though. Here’s what she had to say


“A man named Joseph Loe came in after most people had left. He said that he works with a organization called Pathagoras Ecology Work on a program to create a zero emission mill in Stockton. They are trying to get PG&E to give them their beetle-killed logs to make furniture and biomass out of them and he wanted our help/ideas in how to get PG&E to give them the logs”


Thanks Camila.  If anyone has any ideas, let someone know.

Here’s his email:




  • Katie is now the supreme leader of forestry club


Officer Announcements

  • We’ve made 150 dollars with dues

    • So start coming up with ideas on what to spend our riches on

  • Let’s make Ben a get well card

    • All you many absentees didn’t get to sign it

Member Announcements


  • Denims, let’s order them.  

  • Like 20 smalls and mediums, some larges

  • The hats are here, but final price is unknown



  • Water and vegetation interns at 20 dollars per hour

  • Mid Peninsula Open Space District

  • 20-40 hrs per week, for 6 to 9 months

  • Email forclub for info


  • A pair of boots is for sale

  • Size 8 caulk boots

    • These boots were made for walking

    • And they double as weaponry

  • The guy who’s selling them got a master’s degree in forestry at Cal back in the day, so you know he’s got street cred

  • 10$, a suspiciously low price if you ask me

Bean Feed

  • Tuesday the 20th?

    • Conflict with 102D

      • You should’ve taken 60 though to be honest

    • What if we alternate times?

    • Or have a designated cleanup crew?

    • Or have it start at 4:30?

    • No one knows, the debate continues

Cal day

  • Table on sproul, talk to dumb freshmen

  • SAF workday is on the same day

    • We need people to work

    • And make some brochures

  • Maybe we should just table on sproul

  • This item is tabled for now


  • Like so many others, our brave camping coordinator, Maggie, is unavailable for comment today.  Such a shame

Tree of the Week

  • Pinus longaeva , Bristlecone pine

  • The oldest is 6000 years old

    • this means that they are older than written language in humans

  • They only grow in Dolomitic soil, which is rocky alright

  • Only these giant trees and tiny flowers are the denizens of their harsh environment

  • The bristlecone can die off partially to compartmentalize damage

  • The rings have been used to study drought in CA

Redwood Regional

  • It’s next week

  • Leave 6:30 am Friday, return Saturday evening

  • Bring bathing suits

  • Maybe there will be a hot tub


  • No actually this meeting is over


Wednesday, March 7, 2018