FC Meeting 1/27/2016

  • New Merch: Key Chains are $3.50 for club members, $6 for non-club (or $5? Prices seem flexible).
  • Discussion: Ricky is representing Forestry Club on a panel of students at NorCal SAF this Saturday. Wants club feedback on what he should talk about.
    • SAF Panel Topics:
      • Student Perspectives of the role of the profession in assuring sustainable forests in the Next Five Years:
        • Incorporation of costs into ecosystem services.
        • Increasing public awareness.

FC Meeting 1/20/15

  • General

    • Review of positions

    • Senior BBQ

      • Need to figure out if we are doing a breakfast

FC Meeting 12/2/15

Global Student Embassy Ecuador Summer Reforestation Project. Grassroots organization.

This Thursday (Tomorrow) 5pm-6pm 75 Evans.


FC Meeting 10/28/15


Officer Announcements

  • Bean Feed: Bean Feed Today at 5:30PM. Need help setting up. Costume party! Winner of best costume gets a prize.

FC Meeting 10/21/15


Next Wednesday October 28th ~halloween~ beanfeed with prizes for best costumes

Maybe November 18 or 19, maybe not?

-       rachelle hedges is SAF bay area secretary

-       saf bean feed usually

First week in December

-       Yule ball also in December

Cornbread, salad, brownies



Once itinerary is fully set, will e-mail out

-       fly out Monday night, get back Saturday mid-day

FC Meeting 10/14/15

Officer Announcements

  • Logging Sports: cal conclave coming up (10/24-25). Even if you’re not on the team, come! It’s fun! Meet people you’ll be working with. Forestry community <3. We have space. Practice Sunday @ 10. axe rehandling. Big game Rally - later this fall. will oski have an axe? sell hella shirts

FC Meeting 10/7/15

Officer Announcements:

  • Treasurer - $9,400 in bank

  • Bean Feed - last thursday of the month October 29th 5:30-6:45pm.


Recap of CAF event:

  • Sophia’s speech was wonderful.


FC Meeting 9/30/15

Officer Announcements:

  • Alani: CAF event is on the website.

  • Bean Feed: Thanks for coming. We’ll do another one soon.

  • VP: Make a doodle for Wiffle Ball

Meeting 9/23/15



1.         Officer Announcements:

Meeting 9/16/15

FC Meeting 9/16/15           



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